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The Entrepreneurial Video Vault

Learn How to RAPIDLY Grow Your Business & Realize a QUICK Return on Your Investment...
WITHOUT trying to figure it out on your own, the "work harder & longer" approach or staying stuck in indecision...
You'll Get Instant Access to over 100 BUSINESS TIPS & these EXCLUSIVE trainings by the 12 Leading Experts that you need on your team RIGHT NOW!

11 out of 12 start-ups fail within the 1st five years.
Over 50% of those failed because they had the wrong team.

Imagine sitting at the table with 12 experienced business owners that are the exact subject matter experts you need to rapidly grow your business and realize a quick return on your investment. 

How much more confident would you feel about your business plan? How much faster would you be able to make decisions? 

What if you had direct access to experts who could help you overcome the fear of the unknown, manage overwhelm and ease your mind by letting you know what you need to worry about and what you don’t.
I get it…It’s not your fault! But it is your responsibility to build a sustainable business that feels fulfilling, earn an income to support your family and make an impact that changes the world…
But...the only way to do that is to have a supportive team in your corner that won't just tell you what you want to hear. 

Jim Collins in Good to Great said, "The executives who ignited the transformations from good to great did NOT first figure out where to drive the bus and then get people to take it there. No, they first got the right people on the bus (and the wrong people off the bus) and then figured out where to drive it."

I felt unsure for so long and felt so frustrated with a slow ramp up because of trying to figure it out on my own. That's why I created The Entrepreneurial Video Vault to help you get the right people on your bus so that you can rapidly grow your business and realize a quick return on your investment.

Why Getting to Know the 12 Subject-Matter Experts is THE #1 Thing You Need to Do RIGHT NOW!

Whether you’re just planning your start up or been in business a year or two...
You need to know people you can trust, experienced professionals you can depend on, existing business owners that can provide expert advice & support so that you can ACCELERATE your success.

That's why I created the The Entrepreneurial Video Vault so that you can learn how to RAPIDLY grow your business, realize a QUICK return on your investment and replace your 9 to 5 income…WITHOUT trying to figure it out on your own, the "work harder & longer" approach or staying stuck in indecision?

The Entrepreneurial Video Vault Is Perfect For You If:

  • You’re just planning your start-up…you want to turn your expertise into an impactful business and venture out on your own to do something that feels rewarding…
  • You have had a service-oriented job, hit a ceiling and ready to start your own business…
  • You’re in your 1st or 2nd year of business and you’re tired of working harder and longer just to make ends meet…
  • ​You’re a seasoned entrepreneur whose poor planning and lack of execution is catching up to you…
  • ​You are motivated, eager to learn and take fast action, willing to try new things and coachable...
Let’s Break it All Down...
Here's what you'll get with these LIFE CHANGING videos...
  •  Access to 100 gold nuggets of business essentials and a private video vault housing exclusive trainings from the 12 leading experts that you need on your team when launching and growing a business...
  • ​A step-by-step process to writing or revamping your business plan
  • A strategy to feel financially and legally secure
  • A clear path to setting up or strengthening the inner workings of your business
  • A support system of experts that you can turn to instead of trying to figure it out on your own
  • BONUS #1 - The Strategic Business Plan Template
  • BONUS #2 - The Accountability Pyramid
  • BONUS #3 - The Eisenhower Matrix Decision Tool
  • BONUS #4 - 5 Simple Ways to Manage Stress
  • BONUS #5 - The Productivity Plan

HURRY! Access to these videos TODAY!
Limited Time ONLY...New Year Introductory Offer of $97 (Regular Price $297)

Meet Your Host & Creator of The Entrepreneurial Video Vault... name is Phillip Wilkerson. I'm the founder of the Reveille Networking Group and the owner of Beacon Business Solutions. Both are intentionally focused on supporting owner development and small business success. After more than 6 years of engaging hundreds of owners in the entrepreneur community, I created
The Entrepreneurial Video Vault™...

 I am going to help you immediately kickstart your business. Whatever phase your business is in, these 12 introductions and relationships, along with their shared expertise, will put you on the path of rapid growth.
You will we be energized, focused and able to move mountains because you will know where to concentrate your effort, prioritize your opportunities and make decisions faster with confidence.

Yes, it's that simple...and the videos will show you exactly how to do it!

Meet the Experts of The Entrepreneurial Video Vault...

John is an accomplished senior business executive with demonstrated success building and coaching teams, developing and executing strategic business plans, improving business processes, operating performance, and improving shareholder value. He will show you how to write a business plan for success.
John D. Stacy - The Business Plan
International Best-Selling author, Speaker, Performance Strategist and Master Transformation Coach, Jen Gaudet empowers high impact individuals and groups to elevate their life, health and business for maximized impact in their organizations and communities through self-care, stress management, mindset, boundaries, and the pillars of human performance. She will talk about the power of celebration and rejuvenation in your business so that you can enjoy the journey without burning out.

Jen Gaudet - Celebration & Rejuvenation
Adam Koch is the owner of Koch Insurance Group. He began his journey as an insurance agency owner in 2004. Since that time he has learned many valuable lessons on how not to run an agency. Thankfully, for the sake of his family, he also learned from those mistakes and figured out a way to do it right. In his video, you will learn everything you need to know to set up your business insurance and have peace of mind.
Adam Koch - Business Insurance
Lance Beauchamp is the owner of One Click Plus. He is a sales and marketing professional with over 25 years experience, initially in the recruiting and staffing industries, but most recently in the e-commerce and digital marketing space. He has worked at all levels of sales and marketing management and has run his own marketing business for the last 8 years. In his video, Lance will provide tips and tools to develop a solid marketing plan for your business.
Lance Beauchamp - Your Marketing Strategy
Barry D. Blanton is the founder of Blanton Advisors, LLC, a CFO and business consulting practice located in the Woodlands, Texas. Blanton Advisors is the culmination of a career spanning over 35 years in executive level management roles across the banking, housing, wholesale distribution and building products industries. Barry will arm you with the knowledge you need to set up your financials to make more money.
Barry Blanton - Your Business Financials
Elizabeth is the owner of EverSan Cooper Partners, a real estate investment company based out of The Woodlands, Texas. She is an Ambassador with the VEL Institute, on leadership for the Reveille Networking Group, and the founder of Inspired Leaders, a monthly event where local leaders share their stories of grit, perseverance, and success so that all those who attend can be encouraged and supported on their journey to build a business and a life for themselves and their families. In her video, she will teach you about the power of giving back.
Elizabeth Greever - Giving Back
Darin Coble is the owner of Versa Business Partners. He has over 20 years of human resources, operations and leadership experience across a wide variety of industries in a global environment. Darin is a business strategist and leader with specializations in Human Resources and Coaching. In his video, Darin will teach you the importane of Human Resources in your business plan.
Darin Coble - Human Resources
CEO and Co-founder of Delta Life Fitness (named a top 100 game changing franchise of 2018 & 2020), served in the Marine Corps for 13 years, Texas A&M graduate, Fitness Business of the year award winner, six appearances in Club Solutions Magazine, host of Texas Franchise Radio, and professional speaker. In his video, Josh will inspire and motivate you to be the leader in your business.
Josh Cherry - Leadership
Steven is one of the Partners of the law firm, Stillwell, Earl & Apostolakis LLP . His litigation, business and estate planning knowledge enable him to provide a broad range of legal services to his clients. Steven prepares estate plans for families of all economic levels, and, also litigates cases related to estates, trusts, wills and guardianships. Steven will give you insights for your business to set you up for success, legally.
Steven Earl - Legal Matters
Dr. Letting is a Ramsey Certified Master Financial Coach and helps people get on track with their finances – in fact, he started a coaching business, OnTrack Financial Coaching. In these videos, he will share the key components for financial success as an entrepreneur. After watching these videos, you will feel ready to manage your finances as a successful business owner.
Dr. Al Letting - Money Management
Stacy Harris has been an entrepreneur for 15 years, starting out with her own image consulting company, Impressions, and now for the last 4 years, she owns five Network in Action (NIA) franchises. In her video, Stacy will show you how to network your way to success.
Stacy Harris - Networking
Rob Smith is the President and Founder of 5S Sales Consulting, a firm specializing in advising and implementing sales strategy, sales process, and sales execution. Rob draws on over 20 years of broad and deep corporate experience in global and national sales leadership, P&L management, engineering, and business development. After watching his video, you will be ready to master your sales and make more money in your business.
Rob Smith - Sales

Here's What People Are Saying...

"As a seasoned entrepreneur, after watching these videos, I saw several blindspots that I had been overlooking in my business. I implemented the gold nuggets and immediately  saw results. Highly recommended!"
Angela A. Life Coach and Author
“Too often business owners jump in with no plan and struggle. Others over plan and never start. The videos will help both.” 
Gustavo G.
Entrepreneur & Real Estate Investor
“The standout features are the overviews with time stamps, the split view screens provided when speakers are listing content, and the transitions between topics. The content is fantastic. It is truly a gold nugget mind field!”
Monique H.
Health & Wealth Entrepreneur
“Although it took some time, part of the success of our launch was identifying the experts we needed. Most of the aspects we needed to develop are exactly what the videos talk about. My recommendation is to view the videos in a step by step process.”
Sergio Ramos – COO / Santte Foods

Here's What's Included...

Get Access to All of This & MORE!
  • 12 Power-packed Videos delivered by 12 actual business owners and subject matter experts you must know to grow your business,100 gold nuggets of essential learnings for your business, and over 3 hours of content with unlimited viewing that you control. 
  • BONUS: The Strategic Business Plan Template So that you are able to capture all of your gaps, goals and priorities into a strategic action plan, complete your business plan with ease and start your business with assurance.
  •  BONUS:  The Accountability Pyramid So that you can achieve sustainable results in your business without feeling overwhelmed, stuck or frustrated. This tool will take you from inspiration to implementation and help you to create measurable results.
  • BONUS: The Eisenhower Matrix Decision Tool So that you can avoid the "urgency trap" to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity in your business. This tool will help you decide on and prioritize tasks without wasting time on things that aren't income producing or business building.
  • BONUS: 5 Simple Ways to Manage Stress This transformational tool will help you alleviate stress and gain more energy so that you can build your business and enjoy the journey.
  • BONUS: The Productivity Plan So that you can be more productive in less time and build your business without straining your relationships or enjoying life.


How Does The Entrepreneurial Video Vault Work?
The Entrepreneurial Video Vault contains 12 knowledge packed videos, delivered by 12 actual business owners and subject matter experts you must know to grow your business.

The 12 videos include more than 100 gold nuggets of essential learnings for your business. The 12 videos also offer over 3 hours of content with unlimited viewing that you control. 

These videos work for ANYONE who commits to investing in these relationships.
What If I'm Not Tech Savvy
The Entrepreneurial Video Vault is easily accessible inside of a membership portal that you have private access to EVEN IF you are not technological savvy. With lifetime access, each video averages 17 minutes in length and can be watched in any order at any time. 

This process is so DOABLE and will leave you feeling a great sense of accomplishment and support.
How Do I Use the Time-Stamps?
To enhance the educational value and the retention of all the shared knowledge, each video contains a Table of Contents at the beginning with "time stamps" to make it easy for the viewer to fast forward to exact video segments of personal interest. In addition, each topic within the video has a title page with a topic content summary.
What Happens After I Finish the 12 Videos?
Every week I am asked for introductions for a variety of small business needs. My response: "I would recommend you talk to ______ and I will introduce you". The video provides you the experience of meeting these experts (most referred & requested). They will talk to you as if you visited their office or met for coffee. Once you have finished watching the videos, use the resources and reach out to the subject matter experts. They are there for you and the benefit of your business.
What are Phillip's Professional Qualifications?
After 20 years of advancing his career and making others money, Phillip started his business with a "I can do it" and a "I will make it on my own" mentality. Although noble, this shortcoming resulted in a slow ramp up, scratching & clawing for sales, and struggling to justify the journey.

Despite extensive experience and practical application of team building, personnel development, process improvement, manufacturing, operations, supply chain, sales, marketing, financial and leadership, Phillip did not know who to trust in the small business community and how to use his network.

After more than 6 years of engaging hundreds of owners in the entrepreneur community via his non-profit, the Reveille Networking Group, Inc. and being the owner of Beacon Business Solutions, Phillip is eager to help you achieve your dream faster, with a concentrated effort on building and using the 12 Most Powerful Business Relationships Guaranteeing Startup, Entrepreneurial and New Business success. 
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