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  • 12 Power-packed Videos delivered by 12 actual business owners and subject matter experts you must know to grow your business,100 gold nuggets of essential learnings for your business, and over 3 hours of content with unlimited viewing that you control. 
  • BONUS: The Strategic Business Plan Template So that you are able to capture all of your gaps, goals and priorities into a strategic action plan, complete your business plan with ease and start your business with assurance.
  •  BONUS:  The Accountability Pyramid So that you can achieve sustainable results in your business without feeling overwhelmed, stuck or frustrated. This tool will take you from inspiration to implementation and help you to create measurable results.
  • BONUS: The Eisenhower Matrix Decision Tool So that you can avoid the "urgency trap" to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity in your business. This tool will help you decide on and prioritize tasks without wasting time on things that aren't income producing or business building.
  • BONUS: 5 Simple Ways to Manage Stress This transformational tool will help you alleviate stress and gain more energy so that you can build your business and enjoy the journey.
  • BONUS: The Productivity Plan So that you can be more productive in less time and build your business without straining your relationships or enjoying life.
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